Tales of the Adjacent Possible

by Jangaleros

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This is the 3rd album in a trilogy of five by Jangaleros.

Greetings earth-folk,
Please be advised of our Janga-plan.

Album#1: MoonJuice & MeteorMoss was about "Origins & Louche Leanings"
Album#2: Dirty Snowball Recordings was about "Hedonism"
Album#3: Tales of the Adjacent Possible is about "Denial & Escapism"
Album#4: [Titled Undecided] is yet to be about "Pay Back"
Album#5: [Titled Undecided] is yet to be about "Salvation"

- we see ourselves just past the third stage in the evolution of the JangaPlan. Looking back we see where we've come from but today (upon recent release of Tales of the Adjacent Possible) we see a slight wobble in our trajectory. Why? Well we have started writing the songs for Album #4 but due to whatever cosmic forces steer our ship "Pay Back" isn't what the current songs want to be about. We're trying not to be too concerned at that and are letting the songs write themselves.

Here's hoping this isn't just another sneaky plan by The Slugheads to divert us from our mission to save the universe with music.

Keep it cosmic,
Steve Stellar.


released February 7, 2011

All vox & instruments by Stellar / Nebulus.

Vox xceptions: 5 with Stefano Muscovi, 2, 6 +11 with Amandine Le Sergent, 7 with Brokenspoke & 5 with Cailín Moonbeam.

Instrument Xceptions:
Harmonica on 5 & Trumpet on 1 by Stefano Muscovi, Bass on 1, 5 & 6 by Skat Groovey, Mandolin on 8 by Brokenspoke, Space Mando on 6 by Brokenspoke, Harmonica on 7 by Brokenspoke, Keys on 10 by Benji Moon & Violin on 10 by Plinki Mancino

All songs written by Stellar / Nebulus (Xcept 7 & 8 with Brokenspoke, 5 with Brokenspoke + Spy Wednesday, 10 with Relyem Nitram & 1 written by Mark Meaney).

All drums by Phaydyn

Lyrical assistance on 9 by Áine
Outland Warning Station vox by Cyril Helnwein

Produced by Stellar / Nebulus & Phaydyn

Photo's, graphics & imaging by Stellar / Groovey

Mixed and the additional recordings in The Rise Studios by Phaydyn
2, 4 + 11 mixed by Kiki del Sol

Mastered by Phaydyn / del Sol

Love & Stars to: Mary Strange, Marese, Áine, Róisín & Siobhán.


all rights reserved



Jangaleros Ireland

Jangaleros recordings need your nurturing and loving care...Take them out into the ether...share them with those whose brains you want to fire off in a rocket ship to explore other dimensions....Jangaleros want you to be the vanguard for all things cosmic on planet earth...

Your planet needs you!
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Track Name: Borealis Baby
Borealis baby,
Her light drives me crazy!
Track Name: Sucking Void
Vacuum view sucking meat from my bones,
All I got coming through on my headphones...
Track Name: Alien Abduction Boogie
That's one ugly gastropod!
Mother'd have to be blind to love it...
Track Name: Outer Galaxy T-Train
Her she comes bouncing off stars,
Pink glow in the passenger cars,
All aboard and everyone safe,
All trussed-up in radiation tape...
Track Name: Jimmy Ice Cream
There's not much to savour,
Now there's just one flavour,
Don't fret your pretty head,
He's doing you a favour...
Track Name: Backdrop: Innnnfinity
I like it when it's green / I like it when it's red,
Floating upside down / hanging by a thread...
Track Name: Dandelion Wine
Dandelion Wine, something wicked this way comes, fever dream, Fahrenheit 451...
Track Name: Music of the Spherical Objects in Space
As Freud would have told us our mothers will scold us...
Yes please!
Track Name: Space-Time Waltz
Forget about Space and Time.
Track Name: Cat People Snatchers
Cats were getting nervous,
Cats were getting twitchy,
They could sense it in the country,
They could feel it in the city.

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